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The 6 Most Delicious Aperol Recipes You Can’t Miss

Here is a list of our best Aperol recipes we enjoy the most! Your summer is a guaranteed success with these drinks!

Best Aperol recipes

The temperature outside is rising, and the days are getting longer. Our perfect excuse to share our list of best Aperol drinks so you can make the most of the first rays of sun!

What is Aperol?

Aperol is an Italian aperitif that is known for its bright orange hue. It has a bittersweet taste with a touch of herbs and roots and has a relatively low alcohol content: 11%.

One might find the taste of pure Aperol too bitter, which is why it is often used in cocktails. The most famous one being the Aperol Spritz.

Best Aperol Cocktails

We have listed our favorite Aperol cocktail recipes for you below, in random order. Take your pick!