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The 9 Best Mojito Recipes That You Should Know

These are the absolute best mojito recipes that you can’t go through summer without preparing!

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Refreshing and easy, these mojito recipes will take you to a tropical vacation in 3 sips! Don’t believe us?

Jokes apart, we haven’t found any other summer drink that is so straightforward and fun to make like a fizzy and minty mojito.

Looking for a refreshing drink to sip on a lazy weekend or serve on a backyard BBQ? Then you will love these best mojito recipes we are sharing today!

What Is in a Mojito?

The base for all mojitos is white rum, club soda, lime juice, mint, and a sweetener.

However, you don’t have to drink the same cocktail all summer long. That’s why we went on a boozy journey to develop and share the best mojito recipes!

Oh, the things we do for our readers…

Best Mojito Recipes

These are the best mojito recipes in no particular order.

Must-haves to Make the Best Mojito Recipes

We already described the essential ingredients for mojitos above. Now, we’re going to explain what kitchen tools you need to prepare any of these best mojito recipes.

  • Cocktail shaker – We used to stir our drinks until we decided to up our game and buy a cocktail shaker – or this cocktail set with the main tools. Spoiler: it was the best decision ever! It’s a game-changer, and making a mojito is much easier now.
  • Muddler – A muddler is a cocktail-lover must-have! Not only mojitos, but a bunch of other cocktails calls for muddled ingredients. The cocktail set linked above also has a muddler, but if you already have a shaker, you might want to buy the muddler alone.
  • Jigger – Having a jigger saves us so much time when preparing cocktails because it comes in the exact measure as 90% of alcohol usage in mojito recipes, let alone other cocktails. Besides, this jigger has marks on the inside for additional quantities.
  • Highball glass – Mojitos call for a highball glass! Besides that, they are versatile and can be used for a variety of cocktails. This is a set of beautiful highball glasses!
  • Reusable straws – Some of the best kitchen tools we ever bought were reusable straws! It’s a one-time purchase, saves us money, and helps the environment. These stainless steel straws come in a set of 6 and have two flexible wire brushes.
Best mojito recipes Pinterest graphic

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